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Amazing Design Tool For WP

Design beautiful sections for your website or use it as a page builder. Paint on its fluid blueprint system with no obstruction of rows and columns. Achieve your vision, smartly create HTML elements and fit them anywhere with a shortcode! Works for widgets, pages, posts, footer, header, wherever your theme permits shortcodes.

iDESIGN: For Layouts That Truly Stand Out

iDesign gives you:

  • Amazing flexibility while designing
  • Super creative layouts as results

What makes iDesign worth it?

  • Value: Easily the best investment you’ll make towards enhancing the look and feel of your website while saving time money and effort.
  • Reviews: A plugin is only as good as it’s user reviews, and iDesign is a full five star plugin which tells you a lot about its awesomeness.
  • Features: iDesign is packed full of features specifically targeted at giving your designs the creative edge, making it an essential design tool.

“Users love it for it’s expressive quality and unmatched capacity for customization. This plugin doesn’t lock you in with a specific look. It offers you amazing flexibility of potential output.”

“Fans of metro, meet iDesign, king of metro!”

Attention Web Designers!

If you have creative ambitions for your website, other options will only get you by so far. When you ‘really’ want to start designing, step up to iDesign. It all comes down to two key advantages built into the DNA of iDesign:

  • Flexibility of Output: The potential layouts you could be creating with iDesign are far more unique than any other page builder out there! If you want your layouts to be different than the generic norm, then you need a tool that is built ground-up with the aim of giving you tremendous flexibility and range of output. Assembling your pages with iDesign is going to feel much more like using MS paint than a rigid old drag and drop mechanism. It is truly revolutionary technology especial built for WordPress web designers.
  • Power of Customization: Users are finding it simply amazing to what level of detail you can customize your web elements with iDesign. There is no dearth of options in this plugin, in fact you will find it leagues ahead of competitors when it comes to setting detailed styling properties. But it is created to be noob friendly, so even if you do not know a bit about CSS and web styling, you still get the power wielded by expert web coders without touching a single line of code!

PS – Want to know the best part? iDesign can also work with your current page builder to ensure that you get the best of both worlds!

Finally, Freedom From Rows and Columns!

Once upon a time every page builder came with rows and columns. Users had little flexibility when it came to positioning and sizing elements. Painful as these restrictions were, they had no other choice.

Then came iDesign, the only page builder with a fluid blueprint system that gave it’s users amazing flexibility while laying out their page elements.

Now freed from rows and columns its users could create far more creative layouts with ease. And that is how for those who tried iDesign other page builders became history.

iDesign vs other page builders

  • The number one way in which traditional page builders restrict you from building more creative layouts is with rigid limitation of rows and columns.
  • The second way they limit your designs is with very few customization options.
  • iDesign not only exceeds other page builders in these departments, but also works along with them, so you can have the best of both worlds while achieving your creative designs.


  • Can I use iDesign along with my current page builder?

    Yes, you can use iDesign along with your current page builder. iDesign provides you shortcodes which you can enter into your current page builder’s input fields wherever it permits shortcodes. This way you can enjoy the facilities of iDesign while still using the page builder you have already created your layouts on.
  • Can I get content from my blog, custom posts and pages?

    Yes, iDesign lets you either set your content manually or choose to get content from your blog posts, custom posts as well as pages.

The Most Flexible Design/Page Builder available for WordPress

iDesign was built ground up on new principles to bring an enhanced experience to the design builder genre with a single aim – make creative web design fun, intuitive and efficient like never before. Here is a canvas that fits in anywhere and brings to life amazing designs with splendid ease that blends work into play.

You can use this plugin for developing specific sections or visual elements that you require in your website. Or simply make it your new page builder to design awesome pages. It will even work alongside your current page builder if you need it to. iDesign is not fussy that way – just drop its shortcodes wherever your theme processes them normally and your designs will appear on your website, whether it’s in the footer, content area, widgets, sidebar, etc. You are welcome to browse iDesign’s vast array of presets here to get an idea of how refreshingly capable the plugin is at creating unique and requirement specific web design elements.

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Truly Endless Possibilities:

The plugin was created to give users immense designing power. With zero lines of code, and an intuitive user interface experience you’ll be able to create and visually integrate a wide variety of web elements such as:

  • Full Width Grids
  • Metro Layouts
  • Beautiful Portfolios
  • WooCommerce Product Showcase
  • Team View
  • Testimonials
  • Feature Sections
  • Text Bubbles
  • Banners
  • Buttons
  • Post Teasers
  • Sliders
  • Filters
  • Hotspots
  • Appear Animation
  • Raw HTML
  • And Much More…

Most importantly, you’ll be getting the means to conveniently create highly custom sections and pages that would simply not be possible otherwise without a cumbersome amount of coding. For the first time, you’ll do this without struggling with the tyranny of rows and columns and receive a vast amount of customization options and presets to jump start your projects!

Download iDesign – The ultimate in WP web design software Nulled FREE at

Manually/Automatically Get Content

You have the option of either manually entering content for your tiles or having them grab recent posts from your blog categories, custom post types, WooCommerce and pages. You can select multiple categories to display your blog posts and set the excerpt length, post offset among other options. The plugin will continue to grab content from the the latest posts in the categories page once you have chosen this option. This is great for creating post teasers and you also get the option of ajax pagination so that your readers can repopulate the tiles with older content by pressing the forward or backward buttons.

Freedom of an amazing DIY (Do-it-Yourself) tool!

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For non-programmers, and those keen on quick productivity, iDesign brings the amazing opportunity to conveniently build your web visions into reality without code and via an easy to use platform that facilitates creatively experimentation. It’s interface was created to remain newbie friendly and offers more and more power to advanced skills. Another great facility relevant here is iDesign’s vast array of presets that can be found here. These can be used to quickly jump start your projects, saving you time and energy by laying down the foundation, and to better understand the design capabilities of the plugin. iDesign offers easy and vast creative control over your web designs, and can be counted on time and again while you build various sections of your website. Mastering this tool means gaining incredible and easy creative control over your website and it can be counted on time and again while you build design elements for various sections of your website – be it the main content area, sidebar, widgets, footer – basically wherever your theme permits shortcodes without restrictions. In this way, iDesign helps you truly customize your website to your specific needs amd bring your web visions to reality.

Capabilities & Chief Features

  • Ajax Pagination: For native posts as well as WooCommerce! Add elegance and smarter your designs with this nifty feature, awesome for hooking your traffic.
  • LightBox: Lightbox can have different image than the tile, background color, pattern image and opacity can also be controlled individually for each tile.
  • FreeFlow Blueprint: Step up to the amazing feel of a liquid like blueprint where you create designs with amazing ease without struggling against rows within columns within columns…
  • Native Slider: Very convenient to use, size it as per convenience and it will blended anywhere within the layout. Great for purposes where a simple slider or carousel is needed such as reviews, teasers, products.
  • Filtering: Attractively display portfolios with filters. The filter tabs themselves are also highly customization friendly in terms of their visual styling.
  • Font Awesome Integrated: Choose from over 400 beautiful icons for your tiles and enjoy detailed customization for them including shadow and hover colors.
  • 24 Tile Types: Each tile type comes with a unique markup structure, most with custom animation, covering a wide range of purposes. Different tile types can be used within the same set.
  • WooComm. Integrated: But ofcourse! Attractively display your woo products, style mini shop sections, add to sliders, paginate, use presets and generally pump up the value of your wares with iDesign.
  • Custom Classes: Give different custom class to each set or even each tile within a set in order to target them individually for targeting via JS or CSS.
  • Separate Hover Image: Provide a different image on hover if needed. Hovered font awesome icons can have different style properties to create smart hover effects.
  • Appear Animations: Detects when set is within screen view and applies appear animation decided by the user. There are two different animation styles, swing and glide and 6 different animation directions to style your sets!
  • Mulitiple Links / Tile: Add multiple links per tile, and for weight, choose different dimensions / animations per link, per tile.
  • Import/Export Supported: Import/Export all designs via ‘Resources’ page or do it for individual designs, sets and even tiles for great convenience and efficient re-use of past material.
  • Google Fonts Integrated: The ‘Resources’ page offers a panel for conveniently managing your Google Fonts. The process is super simple and over 600 fonts wait to spoil you for choice!
  • In-Depth Customization: You’ll have no complaints going hands on with a boat load of styling options made available for each element of the tile, the tile itself and even the set and design.


iDesign is responsive right out of the box. It will adjust to the screen size, whether your viewers are using PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile devices, your designs will adapt to their screen sizes. To take things a step further, not only can you adjust responsive settings, you can also create entirely different designs and content for 3 different device categories – mobiles, PC and tablets. Simply enter the text device=”tablet/pc/mobile” inside your shortcode and you’ll find that the shortcode will only appear on the associated device. This is entirely optional in case you wish to give viewers different experiences across the different devices, which is recommended considering web traffic tends to have different behaviour across the device categories.

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Massive Selection of Beautiful Presets

A solid presets system is at the heart of iDesign’s ability to provide you with great efficiency and ease of use. iDesign is already backed by a vast selection of presets, including sets and full page templates, covering a variety of purposes, and this selection will only continue to grow. Access the presets by heading over to the presets page here. These presets can be easily imported into your current projects and are a great way to jump start your designs. The “General Use” presets section offers a variety of handy presets you could often rely on to build typically required elements. But do not forget to check out the selection of “Custom Concepts” that showcase how unique your own designs could end up looking with the power offered by this plugin.

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Author’s Note:

iDesign has been developed with a lot of care and deliberation as a high calibre WordPress tool to assist with the creation of beautiful and smart designs, and its success would be measured in terms of the output it helps its users create. If you would like to share your work developed with iDesign, please send a mail to [email protected] A five star rating from satisfied users would be much appreciated for the effort put into its development. However, if you face any issues with the plugin, or would like to provide suggestions to enhance it, you are most welcome to please write in at the same email address for prompt support.

What iDesign Users Think About The Plugin

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Version Upgrade Log:

- Fixed responsiveness issue with latest phones. Better slider performance on mobiles.

Feature Enhancements:
- Now you can give exact width and/or height to your designs by adding the width attribute to the shortcode, eg: [idesign id="15" width="200px"]
- Enhanced mobile look
- Enhanced iPad performance
- Loading speed boost through combined js files
- Option to delete designs via history page
- Updated Font Awesome CSS link to the latest for all icons
- Set's extended background now shows through transparent cells on blueprint
- Option to exclude certain tiles from importing settings when automatically exporting a single tile's settingsto all other tiles in the set

Bug Fixes:
- Tooltip z-index raised
- Error messages that were outputted if image did not exist
- Set's background position error upon animation
- Error upon cancelling move tiles then moving set

Feature Enhancements:
- Full width slider and grids
- Custom screen size based dimension rules for sets
- More styling options for full width background
- New option to control image fitting: spill/contain
- Link element's background color opacity and margin options
- Switched Swing animation to much smarter Zoom In

Bug Fixes:
- Extra classes being added to some elements

Feature Enhancements:
- Ability to get content from parent pages and custom post types as well
- Speeded up printing of large grids with images
- CSS refinements
- More information tooltips added in the admin panel for clarity

Bug Fixes:
- Blueprint cell size and gap will now be saved for future copy/edit
- Cell row adding & subtracting icons align properly with different dimension cells
- Fixed issue with shortcodes in the description element making the tile go blank

Feature Enhancements:
- Buttons to add or delete rows of cells anywhere on the blueprint
- Modify domain names in URLS of images and links while importing database
- Indexible shortcodes made available upon saving designs
- Admin buttons minor visual enhancement - Save & Copy more prominent
- 'Button' tile type's link now smartly centers upon image if there's no description element

Bug Fixes:
- Misc. CSS properties fixed
- 'Mobile_Detect' error resolved
- Set resize box now comes infront of set tooltip

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iDesign – The ultimate in WP web design software DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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