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Mockingbird is a post relationship plugin for WordPress. It allows you to manually create lists of posts, pages and custom post types for individual entries to display on your site. Packed with features, it’s easy to use and is the perfect way to improve your onsite SEO and get users exploring your website. Mockingbird is WordPress 3.8 ready and has legacy support back to WordPress 3.4.

At its most basic, Mockingbird can be used to display a curated list at the bottom of each post. However, its more powerful developer features are intended to allow you to create relationships between all post types set up on your website. It can be integrated and used anywhere (and for nearly any purpose) in your WordPress theme.

You could for example use it to display staff members associated with a specific department in your company. Or to curate which client testimonials you wish to display on certain project portfolio pages. Mockingbird could be used to build carousels on your e-commerce site, showing off your featured products. The possibilities are endless.

Features include the ability too:

  • Add and remove related posts.
  • Filter posts by available post type (AJAX powered).
  • Reorder lists by dragging and dropping.
  • Relabel related items in individual lists.
  • Automatically display related lists on each posts.
  • Embed related lists into posts using shortcodes.

Configuration options include the ability too:

  • Specify what post types to include.
  • Specify what post types to be displayed on.
  • Specify what individual posts to be displayed on.
  • Set a custom list title.
  • Structure the outputted HTML markup of the list.
  • Include post thumbnails in the displayed list.
  • Include post excerpts in the displayed list.

A documented API is also provided for further theme integration and development, including the ability too:

  • Get the related post id array for the current post, page or custom post type.
  • Get the related post id array by the id of a post, page or custom post type.
  • Get the related post object array for a post, page or custom post type.
  • Output the related list for the current post, page or custom post type.
  • Output the related list by the id of a post, page or custom post type.
  • Style the outputted list with a custom style array.
  • Create multiple Mockingbird instances with individual admin configurations.

For more information see plugin website and documentation. Remember to checkout the video demo too.

Visual Guide

Edit a Post, Page or Custom Post Type

The Mockingbird widget is available when editing content.

Mockingbird 1

Use the drop down filter to search and select related content. Selected items will populate the list as you make selections. To remove an item simply, hit the delete button on the right.

Mockingbird 2

Change the list order by dragging and dropping the selected items in the list.

Mockingbird 3

Click on the item title to change the link text. To reset the title to its original post title, simply leave the input blank.

Mockingbird 4

Configure Plugin Settings

Configure Mockingbird settings to specify what types of content to allow, how the list will look and where it is to appear on your website.

Mockingbird 5

Configure Inline Settings

Mockingbird can be configured to behave differently for different posts, hit the “configure” tab to overwrite any global settings.

Mockingbird 6

Mockingbird provides a number of ways to display and style a related list on your website.

  • To display a list automatically at the bottom of each post, make sure the “Auto display” option is selected in the Mockingbird settings.
  • A shortcode can be used to embed Mockingbird lists within the body of an individual post.
  • The mockingbird() function can be used to retrieve and render a Mockingbird list in your WordPress theme files.
  • The get_mockingbird() function can be used to retrieve Mockingbird data to be used in more custom development.

Mockingbird 7


Version 1.1 – 19/01/2014

  • [Feature] Individual post config settings.
  • [Feature] get_mockingbird_config() function.
  • [Feature] Shortcode embed generator.
  • [Feature] Disable/enable list item relabeling.
  • [Update] Further WordPress 3.8 optimisations.
  • [Update] Wp_Query optimisations.
  • [Bug] Post-type filter plural display name change.
  • [Bug] Convert returned non-array data to an array.
  • [Bug] Settings array save issue.
  • [Bug] Escape HTML on outputted post excerpts.

Version 1.0 – 16/12/2013

  • Initial release.


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Mockingbird [LAST] DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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