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Vintage Wedding Theme is a responsive layout WordPress theme with fluid grid system that adapts any viewing environment (mobile/tablet or desktop). It has 10 Page Templates and 12 Widget Areas. Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated.

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  • RSVP and Wedding Invitation email sending (invitation template included)
  • RSVP with Vegetarian and Kids menus
  • Responsive
  • Theme Options (Admin Panel)
  • 12 Widget Areas
  • Bride & Groom photos
  • Custom Background
  • WOW Slider
  • AJAX Photo Album Gallery
  • Layered vector PSD files included
  • Countdown plugin/widget included
  • SEO ready
  • Translation ready
  • Social media: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, RSS, LinkedIn, Yelp

10 Page Templates:

  • Filterable Photo Albums Gallery
  • Blog (full posts)
  • Blog Excerpt (summary)
  • Content + Sidebar Right
  • Content Half Page + Sidebar Right Half Page
  • Full Width Page (no sidebar)
  • Landing Page (no menu)
  • Sidebar Left + Content
  • Sidebar Left Half Page + Content Half Page
  • Sitemap


  • V 3.1.0 [24.10.2016]

    Updated FontAwesome to latest version (4.6.3).
    Integrated WooCommerce button styles with the theme + added some styles.
  • V 3.0.0 [20.10.2016]

    Changed theme domain from vintagewedding to vintage-wedding to match the correct theme slug.
    Changed theme directory name from vintage_wedding to vintage-wedding to match the theme text domain and slug.
    Added support for Site Icon.
    Deleted old IE8 compatibility (css styles, modernizr.js, respond.js - was included in vintagewedding-plugins.js).
    Updated translation files (vintagewedding.pot, en_Us.po and
  • V 2.9.1 [05.10.2016]

    Deleted old non-standard IE8 css gradients.
    Optimized style.css.
  • V 2.9 [23.07.2016]

    Updated RSVP and Wedding Invitation plugin to latest version (1.6).
    Added an extra documentation file for RSVP and Wedding Invitation plugin.
  • V 2.8 [21.06.2016]

    Improved Gallery design.
    Added "Display captions on Gallery page" option.
    Fixed Gallery bug where captions of different lengths broke the grid.
  • V 2.7 [18.06.2016]

    Added custom Contact Page with contact details (address, phone, email, website), Google Maps and contact form.
    Made caption text display under images on Gallery page.
    Improved Theme Options design.
    Updated Documentation screenshots and text.
    Updated RSVP and Wedding Invitation plugin to latest version.
    Updated previews.
  • V 2.6 [21.03.2016]

    Added Right-side Sidebar on WooCommerce shop page template.
    Added some WooCommerce shop CSS styles.
    Centered gallery on Gallery Page.
    Updated TGM Plugin Activation to latest version.
    Updated translation files (.po and .mo) and included a translation .pot file.
    Included theme Polish translation .po and .mo files (translation courtesy of Ilona Sadowska).
    Fixed template name in child theme.
  • V 2.5 [01.08.2015]

    Major graphic revision (cleaner, more premium design) - Changed backgrounds and left image (bouquet).
    Changed from 960px grid to 1170px grid.
    Included a child theme.

    Please check the theme demo at before upgrading to version 2.5. There are major graphic changes and you may prefer not to update. Older version (2.4) is also included in the download package, just in case.

  • V 2.4 [16.06.2015]

    Updated PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6
  • V 2.3 [13.05.2015]

    Added Hour option for the Countdown.
    Added option for logo/ single header image upload instead of Bride & Groom photos.
    Made translatable: Weeks, Days, Hours, Seconds (from Countdown).
    Updated the translation .po and .mo files.
    Updated .xml dummy data file.
  • V 2.2 [23.04.2015]

    Updated TGM Plugin Activation to latest version.
    Made the theme Theme-Check compliant (moved shortcodes functionality in a dedicated plugin, resolved warnings and recommendations).
    Fixed bug with some .js file not loading.
  • V 2.1 [27.01.2015]

    Fixed RSVP form label display bug.
  • V 2.0 [09.01.2015]

    Improved and responsive email invitation template design.
    Added invitation.psd file.
    Updated the documentation text and screenshots with WordPress 4.
    Added WooCommerce css styles.
    Fixed bug with Gallery page (content was showing when password protected).
  • V 1.9 [01.12.2014]

    Added support for WooCommerce.
  • V 1.8 [17.10.2014]

    Added FontAwesome and replaced all icons with Retina-ready FontAwesome icons.
    Included Retina-ready backgrounds for all the elements.
    Added media queries css styles for Retina/HiDPI screens.
    Added .psd source files for the Retina-ready backgrounds.
    Added .ai vector source files for corner ornaments (retina and non-retina).
    Improved body background design.
    Added option for text on Gallery Page.
    WordPress 4.0 compatibility (admin options + theme).
  • V 1.7 [20.05.2014]

    Added an alternate cursive font compatible with Cyrillic based languages.
    Updated screenshot for WordPress 3.9.
    Changed textdomain.
  • V 1.6 [14.01.2014]

    Added jQuery calendar datepicker for countdown.
    Added option to hide the left image from the layout.
  • V 1.5 [13.01.2014]

    Removed T(-) Countdown plugin.
    Added countdown tab and options in Theme Options.
  • V 1.4 [01.11.2013]

    Included .xml file exported from the demo, for easier setup.
    Externalized rsvp functionality to plugin.
    Added message textarea to the rsvp form.
    Minor bugfix with left image overlapping content on non-retina tablets, when layout was centered.
    Minor bugfix with gallery images right margin on smaller resolutions.
  • V 1.3 [30.05.2013]

    Added option to center layout.
    Added "Disable email validation" / captcha option to RSVP form.
  • V 1.2.1 [21.05.2013]

    Fixed minor bug with auto paragraph when adding shortcodes.
  • V 1.2 [20.05.2013]

    Added RSVP and Wedding invitation sending (moved functionality to plugin).
    Added prettyPhoto - support for videos in lightbox.
    Redesigned Admin Panel.
    Fixed compatibility with older php versions (5.2).
    Added translation template .pot file.
  • V 1.1 [16.05.2013]

    Added admin option for changing the bouquet image in the left.
    Added lightbox for all the images.
    Fixed minor display issues on 404 and search result page.
  • V 1.0
    Initial release.

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