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Plugin Description

Your website has a lot of image intensive content and take up a lot of resources when loading up? Your boss and your clients consider the pages fluidity a serous matter?

With WP Image Lazy Load plugin, no more need to sacrifice your beautiful images quality!

Family galleries, portfolios, news reports with a lot of photos. This plugin provides a better user experience by delaying the load of images in (especially long) web pages. Images outside of the visible portion of the page that the user is viewing wont be loaded before the user scrolls down to them.

The plugin can now supporting all wordpress images even those from plugins, sidebars, theme featured images… Just make sure your images are standard img tag and are not dependent on some advanced JavaScript event like for Slider Plugins.

Also make sure that your theme is not based on an advanced framework that use any image preload mechanism!

Known themes with image preloading that are not compatible with the lazy load principle:

  • Thesis Themes
  • Deluxe Themes (Tested with Comfy)

Main Plugin Features:

Download WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Last Ver Nulled FREE at NulledThemesDot.com

  • Search engine friendly plugin!
  • Ready to use, no action is needed for existing or future images on posts/pages
  • Improving images selection performance by customizing default selectors for several site sections
  • Cascading enabling/disabling levels :
    • Level 1 : Enable or disable for the whole website
    • Level 2 : Enable or disable for all posts and pages
    • Level 3 : Enable or disable for all images within a specific post or page
    • Level 4 : Enable or disable for a specific post’s or page’s image
  • Customizing the loading of images
  • Possibility to also hack theme images that are not part posts/pages to be lazy loaded

WP Advanced Image Lazy Load is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French

Theme Hacks (Only available for plugin versions before 4.0)

The plugin does its magic for you when it comes to images within posts or pages. If you want to reuse the same mechanism for your own theme’s images that are not part of posts body:

  1. Make sure your image belongs to the selector scope
  2. Set the src attribute of the img tag with this function helper as value get_wp_lazy_loading_image()
  3. Add a “lazy” attribute to the img tag
  4. Add a “data-original” attribute to the img tag with the the original image URI


The ReadMe or the plugin web page explains how to set it up, and it really only takes a few minutes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions Profile contact form


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WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Last Ver DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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